Booking Information

Book The Travelers for your next birthday party, retirement party, special event, Irish wedding, Irish funeral, St. Patrick's Day...or just for no other reason than to sing along with Mickey and the band!

Mickey Mulligan operates out of Pensacola, Florida.

Proposals from Pascagoula to Panama City can be easily accommodated.

Mickey will travel further if the price is right.


The Original Travelers will be reuniting with backup musicians for St. Patrick's Day each year when possible!  Book them early, though, because offers often come in many months in advance.  Other than these brief reunions, The Travelers are "on sabbatical" for an undetermined amount of time, due to the rigorous schedules of the band members' second jobs (which support their picking, grinning, and drinking habits).  However, please do not hesitate to contact Mickey for possible solo performances, or shows by a spontaneous group of whatever Irishmen or women who happen to be in town and sober enough to perform.


Booking Steps

1.  Choose a date and time.
2.  Check our "Upcoming Performances" schedule to avoid conflict with another event.
3.  Send an e-mail to Mickey with the following information:
    a. Name of organization, pub, or prison
    b. Reason or event for requesting Mickey Mulligan to play
    c. Date and times requested
    d. Acoustic or amplified
    e. Point of contact with e-mail address and telephone number

Special Benefits

Mickey Mulligan and the Travelers are also available for special benefits, to play to raise money for a charity, or for special events such as church picnics, orphanage parties, Boy Scout gatherings, military parties, Special Olympics and so on.  Please e-mail Mickey with details on your organization and the event.

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