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"Brew" Brubaker

"Brew" Brubaker has been almost the semi-unofficial photographer for The Travelers ever since he accidentally threw a digital camera across the pub, where it bounded off two walls before hitting the floor...and it didn't even break!  It was immediately realized that there was something special about this man's hidden talents.  Not only did he take most of the photographs on this web site, but he was also responsible for the photos in the Irish Folk Song Book, as well as The Travelers' first CD.  The photo to the left is one of his best photographs yet:  a self-portrait.  We're not certain whether he meant to pose beneath the word "breast" or not.  Brew attended most of The Travelers performances, and he was always seen somewhere out in the crowd, taking photographs, guzzling beer, or throwing objects across the room.  He attended and photographed The Travelers' reunion in March 2001 in Kansas City, and hopes to attend the 2002 reunion in Pensacola, Florida.

Sťamas Mulligan
Sound and Lighting

While on their Millennium Tour in the States over New Year's 2000, Mick's brother Sťamas joined Mickey and Jack to provide photographic coverage for The Travelers.  His experience includes photography at many sober and not-so-sober events over the years, as well as the ability to guzzle pints as well as the band's official photographer.  His photographic work can be seen in the Photo Gallery, under the Millennium Tour section.  He is also a musician in his own right, singing a rendition of "Think" that would make you think that Aretha herself was there.  He hopes to attend The Travelers' reunion in 2002 in Pensacola, Florida, to assist Brew and run the sound equipment.

Megan Mulligan
Road Crew Manager

After returning to the United States, The Travelers needed another photographer, and this need was filled by the woman whose name is half Irish, half Scottish, but her background is Swedish...we think.  But she also has an interest in German.  Now that's one confused woman, and so are her photos, which is why she's still taking photographs for The Travelers, since her artwork reminds them of the best work old "Brew" could produce, and since this is a run-on sentence, we will end it now.  If she's not busy three-fisting her drinks, she may be taking a few photos next time you see the band.

John Rothwell
Chef and Chauffeur

Despite his distinctly English name, John Rothwell has joined The Travelers as the Chef (definition:  head burger flipper and beer purveyor) and Chauffeur (definition:  driver of the equipment bus).  In reality, John has been an executive Chef at prominent establishments such as the martini and cigar bar, Harry's Bar and Tables in Kansas City, Missouri.  In fact, while The Travelers were playing on top of the caboose behind Harry's for their 2001 St. Patrick's Day Reunion, John was serving food for the holiday revelers.  John helped Mickey in his move to Pensacola, transporting important band equipment (the inflatable Robert Palmer girls) and buying at least one round of beverages along the way in Batesville, Mississippi.  Sounds like the makings to a good horror movie, doesn't it?

Kathy Rose Lee Thistle
Video Photographer

During one special event, and for twenty minutes of promotional material, The Travelers needed a video photographer.  This need was fulfilled by the expertise of the woman with too many names.  Her specialty for only six hours of her life included a video of The Travelers' seafaring tunes, which rocked to and fro so convincingly that while watching, you feel as if you are actually at sea while viewing them.  (It is advised that you bring your own barf bag.)  Here she is asking for the camera back, after somebody else thought they could do a better job of filming.  She was quietly and unceremoniously fired shortly after this photo was taken.

"Paul" Schreck
Number One Former Roadie

"Paul" Schreck was the number one roadie for The Travelers for several weeks.  His talents range from carrying instruments, to making jokes when Mickey and Jack aren't keeping an eye on him, to carrying speakers, to making faces behind Mickey and Jack's backs, to carrying amplifiers, and so on.  He seems to have a knack for being in the right place at the right time whenever The Travelers need assistance or bail money.  He even has a driver's license, which comes in extremely handy.  When he's not making people laugh he's making himself laugh, although nobody seems to know what he's laughing about.  Unfortunately, he moves too fast to get a good photo.  How did he become number one roadie?  Well, he was the only roadie until he left for a better paying job...


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