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Irish Books

Ancient Ireland Peter Harbison & Jacqueline O'Brien Hardcover - 256 pages (September 1996) 
The Making of Ireland: From Ancient Times to the Present James F Lydon Paperback - 432 pages (September 1998) 
The Course of Irish History F.X. Martin & T.W. Moody Paperback - 504 pages (Revised & Enlarged edition - March 1995) 
Atlas of Irish History edited by Sean Duffy Hardcover - 144 pages (November 1997) 
How the Irish Saved Civilization : The Untold Story of Ireland's Heroic Role from the Fall of Rome to the Rise of Medieval Europe Thomas Cahill Paperback - 246 pages (March 1996) 
Audio Cassette (Abridged), 
Audio Cassette (Unabridged) 
Heritage of Ireland: A History of Ireland and Its People   Hardcover - 224 pages (October 1998) 
Modern Ireland, 1600-1972 R. F. Foster Paperback (Reprint - February 1993) 
1916 : A Novel of the Irish Rebellion  Morgan Llywelyn Paperback - 544 pages (March 1999) 
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The American Connection:  U.S. Guns, Money, and Influence in Northern Ireland  Jack Holland Paperback - 32 pages (March 1999) 
Bloody Sunday:  Massacre in Northern Ireland:  The Eyewitness Accounts  Don Mullan, John Scally Paperback - 288 pages (October 1997)
Ten Men Dead:  The Story of the 1981 Irish Hunger Strike David Bereford, Peter Maas Paperback - 344 pages (January 1997)
Rebel Hearts:  Journeys Within the IRA's Soul Kevin Toolis Paperback - 384 pages Reprint edition (May 1997)
Behind the Mask:  The IRA and Sinn Fein Peter Taylor Hardcover - 432 pages (November 1997)
Handbook for Volunteers of the Irish Republican Army:  Notes of Guerrilla Warfare  Irish Republican Army Staff Paperback - 48 pages (Reprint edition - June 1956)
IRA Man Douglass McFerran Paperback - 200 pages (October 1997)
Loyalists:  War and Peace in Northern Ireland Peter Taylor Hardcover - 384 pages (May 1999)
The Shankill Butchers Martin Dillon Paperback - 288 pages (1st edition - March 1, 1999)
44 Irish Short Stories:  An Anthology of Irish Short Fiction from Yeats to Frank O'Connor  edited by Devin A. Garrity Hardcover (December 1980)
Irish Counties:  A Guide to the History, Culture, and Traditions of Your
Irish Past
Damien Enright & J.J. Lee Hardcover - 192 pages (February 1997) 
Book of Irish Names: First, Family and Place Names Ida Grehan, Ronan Coghlan, P.W. Joyce Paperback - 128 pages (November 1989)
The Surnames of Ireland Edward MacLysaght Paperback - 312 pages (6th edition - June 1991) 
Irish Surnames edited by Patrick Woulfe Hardcover (Revised edition - January 1992)
The Little Book of Irish Clans John Grenham Hardcover - 59 pages (January 1995)
Book of Scots-Irish Family Names Robert Bell Paperback - 286 pages
Highlanders:  A History of the Gaels John MacLeod Paperback (Reprint edition - July 1998)
O'Baby:  The Irish Baby Name Book Geoffrey Johnson Paperback - 176 pages (April 1999)
Heraldic Crests:  A Pictorial Archive of 4,424 Designs for Artists and Craftspeople James Fairbairn
(Dover Pictorial Archive Series) 
Paperback (October 1993)
Eyewitness Travel Guide:  Ireland   Paperback - 384 pages (1999)
Irish Now!  Deluxe Edition 7.0 * Easy-to-use interface puts all the tools you want on 1 screen 
* Full native-speaker pronunciation 
* 4 different titles for all ability levels 
* Grammar tutorial 
* Slow sound to hear every nuance
CD-ROM (Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT)

Scottish Books

History of Scotland Bruce Lenman, Geoffrey Parker, John Duncan MacKie Paperback (2nd Rep edition - March 1992)
Scotland:  A Concise History Fitzroy MacLean Paperback (Revised edition - April 1993)
Ivanhoe Sir Walter Scott Paperback (Reissue edition - September 1987) 
Audio Cassette (Abridged)
Audio Cassette
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Large Print 
The Bride of Lammermoor Sir Walter Scott, edited by Fiona Robertson Paperback (August 1998) 
Large Print
Rob Roy Sir Walter Scott, introduction by Eric Anderson Hardcover (Reprint edition - June 1995) 
Audio Cassette
Rob Roy MacGregor:  His Life & Times W. H. Murray Paperback - 314 pages (March 1998)
Wallace:  A Biography Peter Reese Paperback - 182 pages (March 1998)
William Wallace:  Brave Heart James A. MacKay Paperback - 288 pages (May 1996)
Braveheart Randall Wallace Paperback (June 1995) 
Audio Cassette 
Robert the Bruce:  King of Scots Ronald McNair Scott, Robert McNair Scott Paperback (April 1996)
Scottish Surnames David Dorward Paperback - 384 pages (Pocket edition - November 1998) 
Collins Guide to Scots Kith & Kin:  A Guide to the Clans & Surnames of Scotland   Paperback - 96 pages (November 1998) 
Scottish Clanand Family Names:  Their Arms, Origins and Tartans Roddy Martine Paperback (New Revised edition - February 1993)
Book of Scots-Irish Family Names Robert Bell Paperback - 286 pages
Highlanders:  A History of the Scottish Clans Fitzroy MacLean Hardcover (September 1995)
The History of the Highland Clans Robert Clyde CD-ROM (December 20, 1996)
Highlanders:  A History of the Gaels John MacLeod Paperback (Reprint edition - July 1998)
Scottish Roots:  A Step-By-Step Guide for Ancestor-Hunters in Scotland and Elsewhere  Alwyn James Paperback - 192 pages (December 1991)
Tracing Your Scottish Ancestry Kathleen B. Cory Paperback (2nd edition - May 1997)
Scottish Clan and Family Names:  Their Arms, Origins and Tartans  Roddy Martine Paperback (New Rev edition - February 1993)
Clans & Tartans Charles MacLean, David McAllister, Fritz Von Der Schulenberg Hardcover - 60 pages (July 1997)
Scottish Tartans in Full Color (Dover Pictorial Archive Series) Paperback - 73 pages (April 1992)
Heraldic Crests:  A Pictorial Archive of 4,424 Designs for Artists and Craftspeople   James Fairbairn
(Dover Pictorial Archive Series)
Paperback (October 1993)


1000 Best Golf Courses in Britain & Ireland Golf World Paperback - 320 pages (June 1999)
Golfing Gems Guide to Ireland:  The Connoisseurs Guide to Golf Courses in Ireland  Golf Monthly Paperback - 196 pages (2nd edition - July 1999)
Emerald Fairways and Foam-Flecked Seas:  A Golfer's Pilgrimage to the Courses of Ireland James W. Finegan Hardcover (March 1996)
Golfing in Ireland:  The Most Complete Guide for Adventurous Golfers Rob Armstrong Paperback - 176 pages (October 1997)
Golf Great Britain and Ireland:  A Traveler's Guide to More Than 2,500 Courses in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Ireland    Paperback (2nd edition - November 1996)
Classic Golf Links of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland Donald Steel, Brian D. Morgan - photo Hardcover - 224 pages (January 1993)
Legendary Golf Clubs of Scotland, England, Wales & Ireland Anthony Edgeworth, John de St. Jorre Hardcover - 312 pages (1st edition - February 1, 1999)
Blasted Heaths and Blessed Greens:  A Golfer's Pilgrimage to the Courses of
James W. Finegan Hardcover (March 1996)
The Scottish Golf Guide David Hamilton, Sean Connery, illustrated by Harry Horse Paperback - 176 pages (March 1998)
Golf at the Water's Edge:  Scotland's Seaside Links Brenda McGuire, John McGuire Hardcover - 128 pages (1st edition - May 1997)
Good Golf Guide David Hamilton, forward by Sean Connery Hardcover - 168 pages (May 1985)

Other Celtic Books

The Ancient Celts Barry Cunliffe Hardcover - 400 pages (October 1997) 
The Celts: Uncovering the Mythic and Historic Origins of Western Culture  Jean Markale Paperback - 320 pages (Reissue edition - March 1993)
Women of the Celts Jean Markale Paperback - 315 pages (1st U.S. edition - October 1986)
Celtic Women:  In Legend, Myth and History Lyn Webster Wilde, illustrated by Courtney Davis Hardcover - 176 pages (March 1997) 
Celtic Gods Celtic Goddesses Miranda Gray, Courtney Davis, R. J. Stewart Paperback (April 1992)
Celtic Myths, Celtic Legends R. J. Stewart Paperback - 176 pages (Reprint edition - August 1996)


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