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Mickey Mulligan
Guitar Vocals Harmonica Tin Whistle

Mickey "Doc" Mulligan is a fairly nice fellow who once dissected a fish he caught in the pond, hoping to find out how it was able to survive underwater.  He thought he might determine a way for humans to exist while submerged in large vats of Guinness Stout.  Unfortunately, his experiment killed the fish, and despite a fine dinner that evening, he earned his nickname "Doc."  His Irish roots are from his mother's side of the family whose ancestors hail from County Tyrone, Ulster in northern Ireland.  Mickey has been playing musical instruments for many years, and presently plays the six-string and twelve-string guitars, five-string banjo, harmonicas and tin whistle, singing Irish drinking tunes and occasionally a little American bluegrass.  He has played in several different countries, and at such American pubs as the Seventh Avenue Tavern in Portland, Oregon, Andrew's Tavern in Lisbon, Maine, Hemingway's in Beaufort, South Carolina, the Old Shillelagh in Detroit, Michigan, Hennessey's and Tom Giblin's Irish Pub, both in Carlsbad, California, and The Waterfront in San Diego, California.  After playing regularly at The Morrigan's in Okinawa, Japan, he began playing at Johnny's Tavern in Overland Park, Kansas, and participated in the 2001 St. Patrick's Day Reunion in the Kansas City area.  Since then, he has gigged regularly at at both McGuire's Irish Pub and Paddy O'Leary's Irish Pub in the Pensacola, Florida area, as well as Mo and O'Malley's Irish Pub in Norfolk, Virginia and the Bier Garden in Portsmouth, Virginia.  He also participated in the 2002 St. Patrick's Day Reunion in Pensacola, and the 2004 St. Patrick's Day Reunion in Virginia and Washington, D.C.  He currently resides in Pensacola, Florida, where he awaits an unsuspected telephone call that will change his life.  His hobbies include drinking Guinness and singing Irish drinking tunes.  Did we mention that already?

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