2004 St. Patrick's Day


The First Breakfast

Jack Quinn's Irish Pub

Rooney's Public House

Ireland's Four Provinces

Riding The Travelers'  Bus

John's Annual Feast

The Bier Garden

Baron's Pub of Suffolk

Norfolk Scope Arena

A Night Out

Mickey, Gerry, Michelle and Matt reunited again.

All the photos from the 2004 Saint Patrick's Day Shows at pubs from the south end of Chesapeake Bay to the north are here!  See the pubs, the musicians, the fans...and more!  Work your way through the entire collection below, including past St. Patrick's Days!

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The First Breakfast
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Don't disrupt band leader Mickey before he's had his first coffee of the morning!  The question is...what additives are in that coffee?

Band Chef John Rothwell discusses the finer points of morning cuisine while preparing a breakfast spread for the musicians.

Bass player Matt Stoulil shows off his early morning rock and roll hairstyle while being served by John.

Singer Michelle Burns and banjo picker Gerry O'Hara enjoy John's feast.

Photos by Megan Mulligan


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