Guy Bescond - Bagpiper

In the midst of his world tour, Guy Bescond, a Scottish Highland Bagpiper from French Bretagne, came to Okinawa for a one-night only performance at The Morrigan's.  Mr. Bescond has toured with the traditional Celt troupes "Bagad Beuzeg" and "Baga Kemper," touring through Scotland, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Portugal, Ireland, Spain, Poland, and other continents.  At The Morrigan's, he played both solo and with The Travelers in a rousing night of Celtic entertainment.  For more on Mr. Bescond, his touring and French Bretagne, see

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Guy Bescond, from French Bretagne, world class Scottish Highland Piper.

Guy takes a break to pose with The Travelers, who played together with him on several tunes during the evening.

Playing the pipes since age five, Guy's technique was more than impressive.

Guy playing one of many tunes during the evening.

The crowds were mesmerized by both ballads and up-tempo tunes.

Martin, The Travelers' percussionist, added some rhythm for several of the pipe tunes.

The crowds clapped along and even danced for several numbers.

Everybody posed together for an Okinawan newspaper photographer at the end of the evening.

Guy Bescond entertaining a full house at The Morrigan's.

Photos by "Brew" Brubaker


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