The "Fibber" McGee Party

In celebration of his recent prison break (he still had the shirt on!), "Fibber" McGee threw a hoolie, and bought all the food and drinks for all of his friends (two, pictured below), as well as any bum off the street who wasn't busy finishing his tax forms at the last minute.  As usual, The Travelers provided the entertainment...why do you think it's on this web page?

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If you would like to save any of the following photos, just right click the photo and choose the "Save picture as..." option.  Then you can print them and hang them up all over your house.  Just remember that you can't get an official Mickey, Jack, Rowan, Colleen or Martin autograph unless you see The Travelers perform!

"Fibber" grabbed this fellow off the streets of Okinawa and pulled him into the party.  A few beers later, and he had his first friend.

The Travelers rocked the night with their Irish drinking songs, despite Martin's protests from the back.

This lady was too busy playing the slots to listen to the music.  And for the same reason, she was too busy to become another friend of "Fibber."

Rowan O'Connell takes a break from the banjo to keep rhythm on the bodhràn.

"Brew" Brubaker, photographer for The Travelers, was accosted by "Fibber."  He acceded to one photo, but not to be his friend.

The Travelers frequently featured Colleen on the traditional Irish dance tunes.

Finally at the end of the night, "Fibber" found his second friend...after he helped pick him up off the floor and walk him to the door at the end of the night.

When the show was over, Martin gave a big thumbs up...but was it for the performance...or...


Photos by "Brew" Brubaker


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