January Hoolie

Every two months, The Morrigan's sponsors a Hoolie fundraiser.  At the January Hoolie, over 100,000 ($1000) was donated to a local Amer-Asian school on Okinawa.  The evening began with the rock and roll Nagayama Band, followed by jazz guitarists Ken & Sando, traditional shamisen player Byron Jones, and finally, The Travelers.

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If you would like to save any of the following photos, just right click the photo and choose the "Save picture as..." option.  Then you can print them and hang them up all over your house.  Just remember that you can't get an official Mickey, Jack, Rowan, Colleen or Martin autograph unless you see The Travelers perform!

Following several other bands, The Travelers headlined once again at The Morrigan's.  Over $1000 were raised for an Amer-Asian school.

It's Miller time for these regulars!  Everybody gorged themselves on the all-you-can-eat food that was served.

"Madman" McIntyre keeps rhythm for the band, as "Red" O'Connell gives his disapproving grin.

Newest member of The Travelers, fiddler Colleen Galbreath keeps the audience dancing with traditional jigs and reels.

Foregoing his reputation, "Sleepy" managed to keep his lids open for the entire night...

...despite the fact that others weren't so hardy!  Is the coffee on?

Photos by "Brew" Brubaker


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