U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Edisto

While on their Millennium Tour, Mickey and Jack took a three-hour trip on the United States Coast Guard Cutter Edisto, playing seafaring tunes for a group of Cub Scouts, Sea Cadets and their parents.  All were guests of the Edisto's captain and crew for a cruise through the San Diego Bay area.

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Mickey and Jack standing above the bridge, flanking the captain of the Edisto, the "Hostest with the Mostest."

Jack and Mickey played seafaring tunes for the "Three-Hour Tour," here with the San Diego skyline in the background.

The trip took the Edisto and its guests along the San Diego waterfront, including the tallship Star of India.

Some of The Travelers' newest fans...San Diego Bay seals!

In the background is the Coronado Bridge...beneath which The Travelers traveled.

Cruising the San Diego Bay...with the Edisto's 25-mm gun pointed at the entertainment!

This one's for you, Martin:
"Come get some!"

On their cruise, the guests of the Edisto passed several ships of the U.S. Fleet, here with another Coast Guard cutter and several Navy ships in the background.


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