November Hoolie

Every two months, The Morrigan's sponsors a Hoolie fundraiser.  For ¥5000 ($50), you get all you can eat  and all you can drink, and the proceeds are donated to a local charity.  In November, the Two Pot Screamers played traditional Irish dance tunes, followed by the contemporary Chuck Wow, and finally, The Travelers.

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Fans of Mickey Mulligan and The Travelers come in every size, shape, form and decibel level. Fans sang along at the Hoolie, held at The Morrigan's, and guzzled gallons of beer.

The Travelers were the final band for the Hoolie, following the Two Pot Screamers and Chuck Wow.

"Madman" McIntyre played the bodhrán on several tunes, especially to the rousing "A Nation Once Again."

After it was all over, some fans could barely stand on their own two Jack and Mickey hold one up.

Rowan O'Connell gives his smoking fingers a break.

The Travelers unveiled their new flag at the Hoolie, with a harp surrounded by a wreath of shamrocks and a Celtic cross background. All three, well recognized Irish themes, represent the drinking and rebel songs in the band's repertoire.

Photos by "Brew" Brubaker


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