Highland Games & Celtic Festival

Over the weekend of St. Patrick's Day 2000, Mickey Mulligan and The Travelers were invited to play as the feature band for Okinawa's first (possibly annual?) Highland Games and Celtic Festival.  The day was filled with traditional Highland Games, (European) football, Rugby football, plenty of food and beverage, entertainment by the Society for Creative Anachronism, and, of course, The Travelers.

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As the opening invocation is given, the sixteen original contestants in the Highland Games stand with their heads bowed.  After two days, the top four finishers took home trophies.

Scottish Highland Bagpipes were a frequent site at the Celtic Festival.

Mickey and Fibber relax at The Travelers' tent, where t-shirts, songbooks, and advance orders of of CDs were sold.

Martin inspects the Guinness purveyor while Jack gives a strong-armed fist of approval.

The entrance to the festival, held on Camp Foster on the island of Okinawa.  First of its kind on the island, its success may lead to an annual event.

The Travelers take a break to share a few pints with some of their fans.  Will Fibber ever behave?

The Two Pot Screamers also played each day of the two-day festival, providing traditional Irish dance music for the event, which was sponsored by Marine Corps Community Services.

One of the workers at the Morrigan's food tent takes time to smile for the camera.

The instruments await their owners to return for another set filled with Irish drinking tunes and songs of rebellion.

Photos by "Brew" Brubaker


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