The Mickey Mulligan Party

In April, Mickey invited The Travelers over to his house for a jam session.  Also invited were a few of the bands friends, long-time groupies, and other musicians.  During the afternoon, countless burgers and pints were consumed, while the band alternately led and was led through every kind of music imaginable.

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Jack and Mickey open up the session with some strumming and singing, as the bodhrán lies conspicuously silent.

Sawing on the bow, Colleen joins in with a lively tempo on some jigs and reels.

He's a picker and a grinner!  Rowan picks up the chords and adds some rhythm on the banjo.

Even Séamus showed up, and joined in to sing a few Irish songs of rebellion.

The Travelers could have easily jammed all night...

...taking breaks only to hear stories by "Fibber" himself!

Photos by "Brew" Brubaker


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