Shriners Dinner Fundraiser

In March, Mickey, Jack and Colleen played for the local chapter of the Shriners to raise money for the children the Shriners sponsor .

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In early March, The Travelers played for a fundraiser for the children sponsored by the local chapter of The Shriners.

It was a full house that turned out for the fundraiser.

The Travelers belted out several Irish drinking tunes.

The Travelers were one of several featured bands.

Jack leads the crowd in audience participation.

Colleen fiddles an Irish dance tune.

The crowds enjoyed the traditional Irish music provided by Mickey Mulligan and The Travelers.

Jack, Mick and Colleen share smiles after a night of playing Irish folk tunes.

The Travelers received certificates of appreciation for their contribution to the evening dinner and fundraiser.

Photos by "Brew" Brubaker


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