Studio Recording Session

In April, Mickey Mulligan and The Travelers went to the studio to record their first CD.  Lead guitarist Mickey, lead mandolinist Jack, lead banjoist Rowan, lead fiddler Colleen, and their fifth-string percussionist Martin recorded some of their fans' favorite songs.  Photographs of their many hours and takes perfecting the songs on the CD are reproduced here as evidence of how it really went...

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If you would like to save any of the following photos, just right click the photo and choose the "Save picture as..." option.  Then you can print them and hang them up all over your house.  Just remember that you can't get an official Mickey, Jack, Rowan, Colleen or Martin autograph unless you see The Travelers perform!

After singing a ballad, Jack Duggan lays down a few of his famous mandolin back beats on one of the traditional jigs and reels.

The Travelers' fiddle-player, Colleen Galbreath, saws away at one of her featured Irish dance tunes.

The Scotsman Rowan O'Connell picks the five-string banjo for one of the upbeat Irish drinking tunes.

Martin McIntyre, The Travelers' percussionist, keeps time on the bodhrán; he also plays spoons on the recording.

Fibber McGee, the Ornery Irish Storyteller, offers a toast to get the album going.  He then retired to the liquor cabinet...

Mickey Mulligan lays down guitar tracks before moving on to singing and the tin whistle

Colleen takes a break after a long morning of recording by consuming the Breakfast of Champion Fiddlers:  grilled cheese and orange juice.

Brew Brubaker, The Travelers' photographer takes a break after his grueling day by guzzling down what else...a brew.

Photos by "Brew" Brubaker


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