New Year's Welcome Back

When Mickey and Jack returned from their brief Southern California Millennium Tour, they were welcomed back by many of their regular fans when playing an evening at The Morrigan's.  Rowan has returned from his solo tour of the Carolinas, and will be joining the rest of The Travelers the following week, when his banjo and guitar arrive from the States.

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Mickey can't believe he's back at The Morrigan's in Okinawa!

The crowds were ready for The Travelers' return, with voices ready and pints in hand.

Despite protests from the band, the crowd was obliged with their requests for "The Unicorn Song."

Mick is stunned to find out that Jack can still sing "Bog Down in the Valley" up to speed, despite their jet lag!

Mickey revealed the secret of what's beneath the "Scotsman's Kilt," much to the amusement of the women in the, there were no visuals...

The regulars were back as well, pounding out rhythm on the tables to The Travelers' seafaring and drinking tunes.

Only a week after the new millennium began, The Morrigan's was packed with singing and dancing Irish men and women.

Finally, the jet lag set in...Jack couldn't even remember how to be a unicorn!

Photos by "Brew" Brubaker


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