Mickey's Trip to Beaufort

In October 2001, Mickey took a trip to some old stomping grounds in Beaufort, South Carolina.  When he lived there in the late 90s, he shrimped, crabbed, played music, and...hummmm...drank Guinness.  One of his favorite watering holes was a little hole-in-the-wall known as Hemingway's, where he caught up with some old friends and did a bit of entertaining...

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As Mickey walked into the pub, patrons, staff and even the owners couldn't believe their eyes.

Mickey with old friends Kathy, Dick, John (manager) and Lea (owner).

John promptly covered one of the many rust spots on his car with The Travelers bumper sticker.

Hemingway's offers a cozy and quaint atmosphere for casual afternoon dining.

But Mickey went out of his mind upon learning that South Carolina still serves liquor in small bottles!

Fortunately, though, some good things never change...like Oscar the fish.  (Nobody has eaten him yet.)

Mickey with old friends Gina and Thad.  Thad was the butt of many of Mickey's practical jokes, such as the now infamous "Forking Incident."

Jack the bartender has been a mainstay at Hemingway's for many years, keeping patrons happy with stories and drink.

Even bibliophile Miss Dee was reading her latest favorite book...and stayed long enough for some spontaneous entertainment...

Photos by "Brew" Brubaker


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