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A week before St. Patrick's Day 2001, Mickey was invited to be interviewed and play live on KCMO 710 AM in Kansas City, Kansas on the International Hour, hosted by Gerry Seymour.

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Mickey Mulligan hangs out with Gerry Seymour, host of the weekly radio show "International Hour" which is broadcast on KCMO 710 AM throughout the Kansas City area.

Mickey shared the show with another guest, Grand Marshal of the 2001 St. Patrick's Day parade in Kansas City.  More information can be found at www.kcirish.org.

Gerry Seymour contemplates potential questions with the ultimate goal of stumping his guests.

Mickey played several songs on the radio, and had the opportunity to talk a little about The Travelers' 2001 Reunion.

Photos by Megan Kilbride


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