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When The Travlers need photos for posters, their CD liner, or sending anonymously to the ex-lovers of fellow band members, they usually call on their expert photographer, Brew Brubaker.  Most of the photos below are some his finest work, although some were done by an apprentice, Brew still gets the credit.

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If you would like to save any of the following photos, just right click the photo and choose the "Save picture as..." option. Then you can print them and hang them up all over your house. Just remember that you can't get an official Mickey, Jack, Rowan, Colleen or Martin autograph unless you see The Travelers perform!

One of the earliest promotional photos, outside the front of Morrigan's Irish Pub in Okinawa.  Martin and Mickey share a laugh and a pint.

Another early photo, again in front of the pub, featuring Mickey with an anonymous young redhead..

After several shots, The Travelers were finally happy with this photo at the bar at Morrigan's for their first CD cover.

The Travelers get a little silly waiting for the next photo to be taken.

Uh-oh...they seem to be in a bit of a serious mood this time...

So it's time to bring in Fibber McGee to liven things up a bit!  The Travelers framed this one as a parting gift to Fibber.

The Travelers were happy with this one, and made it into a poster.  It has also been used as the cover photo on their live CD, At The Morrigan's.

"Pulling Their Last Taps."  This photo was used to advertise for their last show at The Morrigan's.

Photos by "Brew" Brubaker


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