The Last Supper

After a successful year in Okinawa, The Travelers were planning for their last show at The Morrigan's.  So Mick treated them all to dinner at a local Okinawan...of all things...French restaurant, followed by an evening jam session.  Unfortunately, the only member missing was the band's Ornery Irish Story Teller, "Fibber McGee"...he was supposedly "indisposed."

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Bistro Melanger:  a French restaurant tucked into the back streets of Okinawa City, Okinawa.

Unfortunately, The Travelers and their photographer, "Brew", had no idea how to read the Japanese kanji.  So, they simply asked for "six dinners," and made hunger motions with their hands.

The ambience (which nobody but Rowan could pronounce, being the cultured Scotsman he is), was that of a...French bistro, perhaps?  We're not sure.

The Travelers:  the musicians and their photographer.

Martin insisted on picking the wine for the evening, but all he wanted was the biggest bottle.

So somebody with more class picked a bottle.  Here's Jack waiting for his first sip.

Colleen's wit was at its finest...enough to make the boys finally shut up...for at least three seconds or so.

Mickey and Rowan discussed the finer points of hillbilly music over a dinner they never saw back on the farm.

Jack thinks he's Dr. Evil...and the others can't believe they put up with him.

Photos by "Brew" Brubaker


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