The Last Thursday Night in Okinawa

The Travelers were about to undergo a protracted temporary disbandment as the individual members planned to travel solo in their own directions for a while, but their Thursday night sing-a-longs had become an extremely popular mainstay for their loyal fans.  Here are photos of their last Thursday night performance at The Morrigan's Irish Pub in Okinawa.

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The Travelers took the stage by storm on their last Thursday night in Okinawa with their upbeat Irish drinking tunes.

The tables of The Morrigan's Irish Pub were filled with loyal fans, and even a few newcomers.

Fans filled up the front row by the stage to drink pints and sing along to the band's songs.

Even Jonathan and Daryl of the Two Pot Screamers, the "other" Irish band in Okinawa, arrived to enjoy the show.

The pub was so busy, percussionist and pub manager Martin McIntyre helped clean glasses during the early evening.

The Travelers frequently feature Colleen Galbreath on the traditional Irish dance tunes.

During a break, Mickey Mulligan takes time to chat with fans and maybe autograph a few CDs.

The Travelers take a moment to chuckle at something...was it one of Jack Duggan's toasts?

By the start of the second set, the pub was crowded, and the fans were ready for more...

Photos by "Brew" Brubaker


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