Mickey's Tinman Jam

While visiting family in Illinois, in the United States, Mick took the opportunity to pull his 12-string out of storage, dust it off, and head down the road  on the evening of December 22nd for a spontaneous sing-a-long at one of the local establishments:  The Tinman in Fox River Grove.  Thanks to his brother, Shamus, the evening was captured on film.

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Before getting up to play, Mickey made his way through the crowds, and in his typical subtle fashion, handed out the new Millennium Songbooks.

The locals had a grand time enjoying music that wasn't redneck and wasn't hillbilly.  Cheers!

The ol' twelve-string guitar came out of storage for the occasion.  In the background, a local bass guitar player backs up Mickey during his spontaneous session at The Tinman.

Mick's brother Sťamas enjoys a mug of fine adult beverage.  Thanks to Sťamas, the evening at The Tinman was preserved for those of you who missed it!

The Tinman's was crowded that night, and a few folks even tried their hand at dancing or singing along.

Mickey tries his own rendition of "Bog Down in the Valley."  Look out, Jack!  Of course, Mick's neck veins don't pop out quite as much as Jack's...

Photos by Sťamas Mulligan


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