Christmas Parties

Since Rowan left for the States for a four-week solo tour of North Carolina, Mick and Jack stayed behind and played with Martin for three days worth of Christmas parties at The Morrigan's.  Everybody from civilians to Marines to even full-blooded Irishmen got into the spirit of singing and dancing...and of course, downing Guinness!

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Fans are inspired to strut their stuff to the rousing drinking tunes played by Mickey Mulligan and The Travelers.

The Travelers played three nights in a row at The Morrigan's right before Christmas.

As usual, either Mick or Jack are hamming it up at some time during the evening.

A couple of fans trying to stay out of trouble after downing a few pints.

Deployed Marine Hornet squadron VMFA 282 members partied with Mickey and Jack the week before Christmas.

Jack Duggan keeps the rhythm going on the mandolin, featured on songs such as "Paddy on the Railway."

Photos by "Brew" Brubaker


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