Millennium Tour

Mickey and Jack left the rest of The Travelers behind and joined up in San Diego over the holidays to play various pubs in the area.  From Hennessey's and Tom Giblin's in Carlsbad to The Waterfront in San Diego, these boys played for some new fans...and even some old ones!  Also be sure to check out the photo gallery of the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Edisto, another stop on their trip.

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On the first night, Mickey and Jack played an unplugged session at Hennessey's in Carlsbad.

No matter where they played, there were new fans drinking pints of fine beverage while listening to The Travelers.

Mickey and Jack drew a decent sized crowd while playing at Tom Giblin's Irish Pub, also located in Carlsbad.  Between the Irishmen, Irish women and the wannabes, the pub was filled with boisterous singing and swilling of pints.

Mickey caught in the act of setting up equipment before the show.

While playing at Giblin's, the crowds were enthralled for several tunes by the mandolin picking of the pub's proprietor, Ned.

Downing a few to the sounds of Irish folk music.

They played so hard, as Jack says, they were "sweating like whores in church."

The view from the bar at The Waterfront, where Mickey played solo on the second day of the new millennium.

Photos by Sťamas Mulligan


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