Thursday Sing-a-Long

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If you would like to save any of the following photos, just right click the photo and make your selection.  Then you can print them and hang them up all over your house.  Just remember that you can't get an official Mickey, Jack, Rowan, Colleen or Martin autograph unless you see The Travelers perform!

The Travelers play a tune, while Martin and Sean out front are gettin' jiggy with it.

Irish line dancing lesson one...


...and lesson two.

A favorite activity of fans is keeping the rhythm on the tables.

The Travelers will play Irish drinking tunes and songs of rebellion by request.

Uh-oh.  Looks like Colleen caught Martin and Mickey talking about something!

Mickey Mulligan and The Travelers belt out yet another tune for the Morrigan's Irish Pub patrons to sing along!

Jack cleans up after another long night of singing and carousing.  Anybody interested in a job as a roadie?

Mickey and Martin are locked out of the pub at the end of the night:  "Please!  Just one more pint!"

Photos by "Brew" Brubaker


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